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SomACCOUNT is your one stop shop for ordering all your devices online. See all your cases online and watch their progress from lab to your office

  1. Visit and enter your login and password in the Existing Customer section. If you don’t have a login and password, you may create one at the login screen.
  2. Submit iOS Scans. Drop and drag your scans into your order in SomACCOUNT.

We also have designated portals for the following scanners 3Shape, Carestream, 3m True Def, Itero (Align), and Medit. Connect with us after logging into the portal at

Though we accept cases from all scanning companies, we do not have a designated portal for the following scanners: CerecPlanmeca, Dental Wings, Aadva (GC), Condor, My Crown, and Viz. If you are using one of these scanners, please:

  1. Submit your order.
  • iOS: Copy the confirmation # of your order in the notes section of your scans.
  • Traditional: Print the web order confirmation form, sign it and include it with your impressions, models, and bite and ship to SomnoMed.
  • USA: 6513 Windcrest Dr. Ste 100, Plano, TX 75024

In most cases, we are able to ship your new devices within 14 business days from the day we receive all the information and materials needed to manufacture the case. Failure to complete any of the necessary steps below will result in a delay of fabrication.

how to use somaccount

Here are some videos on how to use SomAccount for your orders.

Traditional Orders

Ship Impressions/Models & Bite Registration/MATRx Tray

Bite registration

Models – SomnoMed recommends that you pour your impressions and ship well packed models to the lab. Please send or good stone models – no cheap white plaster.

Impressions – If you are unable to pour models, please send PVS impressions to avoid distortion. Upper & Lower PVS material is preferred (Alginate can be used as long as model are poured immediately in your office).

Bite Registration/MATRx Tray – If models have been poured please hand articulate models with the bite registration to ensure that skeletal mid-lines are aligned. Protrusive Bite Registration
• We recommend using the SomGauge
• Material – fast set (i.e. blue mousse)
• No wax – we are in Texas and it will distort & melt

Note: A starting position must be written on the lab slip should a MATRx tray be used as the bite registration

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