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SomAccount is your one stop shop for ordering all your devices online. See all your cases online and watch their progress from lab to your office. Please view the attached file to get information on how to order on SomAccount.

Click the button below to download a PDF copy on how to use SomAccount.

Traditional Orders

Submission of Traditional Materials for your SomnoMed Device Order

Bite registration
Perfect Impressions
Pour impression
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1. Create your order on SomAccount. When complete, select print as PDF located at the bottom of the page. There is also an option to print a shipping label to send your materials to us.

2. If pouring the impressions, use a Type III or IV dental stone.

3. Ensure the bite is both protrusive and includes enough overall vertical dimension to construct the device. Especially in the posterior region.

4. Place the PVS impressions, upper and lower models, and bite record in the shipping box making sure the items are labeled and securely wrapped with bubble wrap. Any open space should be filled with packing material to avoid shifting and damage of materials in transit.

5. Include your order form, close the box, and attach packing tape for support.

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